What is the best length of hockey stick for kids?

Getting the right length and weight field hockey stick for children is absolutely essential to help them start or progress in junior hockey.

Kids field hockey sticks range in size, length and weight and you will review a number of junior hockey sticks before getting the right length hockey stick for your kid.

From my experience as a junior field hockey coach, every stick you review will have some standard metrics including length before you buy the next kids hockey stick for your children.

What length hockey stick is best for children?

For a new junior hockey stick you should measure your child length from their waist to the floor. The length measurement should then match the kids field hockey stick you review and buy.

Make sure you measure straight down to the floor, like a trouser measurement.

Realistically the children’s hockey stick length should be as high from the ground as the kids hip, however going with a measurement from the waist allows a little bit of growth, you don’t want to be buying a new kids hockey stick every 6 months.

Adults will often choose a length of hockey stick that they feel most comfortable with. However for children I always recommend they use a stick slightly longer than you might think.

A longer length junior hockey stick will not only last longer, it will encourage the child to play with the ball further away from them, developing dribbling control skills and enhancing their passing and shooting swing length.

What length hockey sticks are available for kids?

Although we recommend the length of hockey stick for children to be the same as the length from their waist to the ground, realistically there are not exact measurements to suit every length.

With children starting hockey at as young as 3 or 4 years old, unless their required hockey stick length is 26 inches or more, you will have to start at this length. Only a few hockey stick brands have kids field hockey sticks of this 26-inch length.

As kids get older there are more length choices available. Most hockey stick brands with junior hockey stick options will start from 28 inches and increase in 2 inch lengths until they match adult size sticks at 36 or 36.5 inches.

Once you have the length measurement for your child, search around for field hockey sticks of these lengths:

26” inches or 66cm centimetres length

28” inches or 71cm centimetres length

30” inches or 76cm centimetres length

32” inches or 81cm centimetres length

34” inches or 86cm centimetres length

36” inches or 91cm centimetres length

Once the measurement from their waist to the ground is 36” inches, your child is ready for adult size hockey sticks, which are usually 36.5” inches, 37.5” inches or occasionally 38.5” inches maximum length.

Is there anything else to consider than length?

Yes there is lots to consider about buying a junior hockey stick other than length but it is the most important factor in my opinion.

Buying the best length kids field hockey stick will allow them to develop their game and stretch the range of dribbling and passing skills they have.

My general tip for the best length of hockey stick for children is to buy slightly longer, than slightly shorter than your little junior hockey player needs. This will allow for growth and longevity in the hockey stick while helping them stretch their game.

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