Results and fixtures site

As many of you will have noticed we are have recently been having problems with our online results and fixture service.
Firstly the FixturesLive service has suffered from a collection of performance issues. including insufficient capacity on its server, a surge in use which was concentrated on a small number of functions and database components etc; this resulted in the service being temporarily suspended. As described on their site they are now moving to another server, planning performance tuning of key SQL and reducing the load by use less static page output from the database( this will mean that there could be up to an hours delay in results and changes being visible).

Additionally however we have had our own problems which have compounded the above issues. Our results coordinator , John Robinson, was unfortunately hospitalised for a short period and is still undergoing medical diagnosis and treatment. While he is continuing in his current role it is possible that from time to time in the coming months he may not be able to respond as quickly as usual or that the site maintenance will be done by others.

The above means we have not been able to follow our initial strategy (of parallel running with our existing system) and have become dependant on FixturesLive earlier than we would have liked. However FixturesLive is seen as having many long term advantages and in the short term gives us the specific flexibility of different people being able to jointly maintain the results and fixtures. This site will therefore now be the prime source for results and tables. (the other web pages will however be brought up-to-date in the very near future)

Therefore I would ask you to please bear with us if we are unable to maintain the level of service you have had over previous seasons. Hopefully we will be back to something like normal very soon.

Please note it is even more important that you get your results phoned in on time as catching up on those phoned in after 18:00, or not at all, represents an unnecessary strain on the system and those implementing it.

Peter Wharton

NWHL Hon Sec