New site for Tables and Results

Over the summer we have been evaluating a service (FixturesLive) for maintaining and displaying all the league results and tables. This is a facility developed by some individuals associated with both club and league hockey who are making the results of their efforts more generally available.
While the service is currently being used by other leagues and clubs we have decided as the next stage of our evaluation to run this new system in parallel with our existing site before making the decision to switch over to it fully, although subject to this being acceptable it is our intention to do so (most likely for the start of next season); we would however also like your views before making any decision.

In addition to maintaining all the results and tables this site also supports various facilities for individual clubs including:

display of a teams league fixture and results
friendly fixtures
pitch allocations
captains and club contacts
directions to a club
membership management
display of own sponsors logo
The site also supports direct submission of results by web access or SMS texting, however we will not be using these to start with but may well do in the future.

While some of these facilities are charged for the basic set are free.

Once we have switched over to this site for results it would be to everyone’s advantage if all clubs used it to at least maintain a minimum set of information

Can I therefore encourage all clubs to look at this site and to consider using it for themselves.

To look at this site go to :

NW League page:

Example of a club page:

FixturesLive home page:

You will need to contact FixturesLive in order to establish administration rights on you clubs site, if you need any help doing this let me know.

Once you start to do things it is likely you will have comments on the facilities and their implementation. While you are at liberty to contact FixturesLive for help etc I think it would be best if for any major issues/suggestions you send them via me so that I can present a unified view of the leagues requirements for the future.

Please note none of this changes our current processes; you should still phone in the results after the game and send the results card to the appropriate coordinator

Peter Wharton