Highest carbon content Junior hockey sticks of 2017

What are the best high carbon content field hockey sticks available for children in 2017? Well we’ve had the pleasure to review the best Junior hockey sticks in the world and you can find the best stick in this article.

Why kids need more carbon in their field hockey stick?

Quite simply carbon fibre makes field hockey sticks more stiff. This stiffness means the hockey stick will stay in shape more the kids hit the ball, transferring more power in to the ball and making the shot or pass harder. It’s all about increasing power.

As children grow through seasons of hockey they start to play on larger fields in more spread out formations, meaning they need to pass further or shoot from the outside of larger D’s.

High carbon content Junior hockey sticks are best to assist adding power to the kids hits as they increase the distance the ball needs to travel. It does make the ball slightly harder to control as the same stiffness is evident when trapping and even dribbling the ball.

Once kids start to really get to grips with ball control they can start increasing the amount of carbon fibre in the hockey sticks they use. No children should make a massive jump from full fibreglass to high carbon content.

What are the best high carbon hockey sticks available for kids in 2017 / 2018?

Most of the hockey stick brands make a higher carbon content junior hockey stick. However none offer a full carbon content stick and the range between the best carbon content and the least is pretty large.

These are the top 5 best carbon content hockey sticks, however they may not be best for you, try to discuss a potential increase in carbon content with your coach before buying one.

1) Highest Carbon Junior hockey stick – Brabo Hockey

By far the highest best carbon content junior hockey sticks are from Brabo Hockey. Brabo offer 3 junior hockey sticks in 2017 with the best we can find 75% carbon content. They are also bringing the high quality carbon brands ‘TeXtreme’ and ‘Dyneema’ to the junior sticks.

75% carbon fibre Brabo Junior hockey sticks:

Buy Brabo Traditional Carbon 100 Junior Limited with Dyneema®

2) Highest carbon Junior hockey stick – Grays Hockey

At number 2 highest carbon Junior hockey sticks is the Grays GR7000 Junior Hockey stick. This kids stick is around 50% carbon fibre and with the Graphene resin used to hold the materials together, just take the edge for number 2 place in the best carbon contend kids sticks.

3) Highest Carbon Junior Hockey stick – Ritual Hockey

Our third best high carbon kids stick goes to the Ritual Velocity 45 hockey stick. This stick also features in our best low bow hockey sticks for children article and it’s 45% carbon fibre content means it packs a punch for kids.

4) Highest Carbon Junior Hockey stick – Aratac Hockey

Also 45% carbon content, the Aratac LBT700J Junior hockey stick is next in the best carbon hockey sticks for kids list. Really sits at joint third, only pipped by the Ritual on personal preference for the designs.

5) Highest Carbon Junior Hockey stick – Gryphon Hockey

Last but certainly not least is the Gryphon Tour JPC kids hockey stick. I put the carbon content at 40% and would say that like all Gryphon sticks, the way it is constructed can be just as beneficial to power than the material content. A really powerful kids hockey stick.

How to decide if high carbon is best?

It is best to make steps up to high carbon hockey sticks. Your hockey career is going to be long so there’s no need to rush. There are loads of other junior hockey sticks with 10, 20, 30% carbon content which it’s best to move through as you get used to the feel of this material.

Most of these high carbon sticks are only available in the longer sizes, so you need to be quite tall before getting the best out of them.

Always use your judgement based on how you are playing and if in any doubt, it’s always best to speak with your coach. Going for too much carbon to early can see kids loose control of the important dribbling and trapping skills needed in the game.

Have fun!

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