How to get the best weight junior hockey sticks for children

Like length, choosing the best weight junior hockey stick is one of the most important factors. To heavy and it will be hard to play with, to light and there might not be enough power to assist with hits and passes.

Most brands don’t publish the official weight of their hockey sticks (even for adults), so you have to use a bit of common sense taking in to account the material and length of the kids hockey stick you review.

These are the best factors to review the weight of a junior hockey stick:

Carbon fibre is the lightest of the materials used to make junior hockey sticks. Full or 100% carbon fibre hockey sticks are hard to come by for children, some of the top end sticks will have a mix of carbon fibre with the primary material. The higher the carbon content the lighter the junior hockey stick.

Fibre Glass is the main material in junior hockey sticks and is still pretty light. It is not as strong as carbon fibre though, so although the weight is more it doesn’t necessarily mean it will hit as hard. That said it is plenty good enough for most kids, especially the children under 10-12 years old.

Obviously, the length of the stick will change the weight because the longer it is the more material there is. This is proportionate though, so if you are playing with the right length of junior hockey stick, your child should find it is a suitable weight.

Weight of a children’s hockey stick is difficult to be completely clear

on what is the best weight for kids. It really depends on the physique of the child and the way they play their hockey.

While you can have some control over the weight of these hockey sticks for kids by choosing the correct length and material, junior hockey stick weights do vary slightly from brand to brand. As I mention none of the field hockey stick manufacturers specifically publishes the weight of their junior hockey sticks.

From experience, most of the children field hockey sticks are appropriately weighted, though recently my young daughter moved from an Osaka stick to a Grays junior hockey stick and we noticed the weight difference. However, it is a better field hockey stick for my kid because it is introducing here to a bow shape, rather than a straight stick.

Is the weight of a junior field hockey stick a big deal?

In my opinion, weight is not the most important factor to get caught up on when you review kids field hockey sticks. Getting the length right, and deciding if it’s time to introduce bow shapes is much more important review factor.

The weight of the stick will be more dictated by the correct review of the length and shape factors and no junior hockey stick I’ve found so far has ever made me think the weight is to out of sync with the rest of the stick.

When it’s time to buy a new field hockey stick for your child, I recommend you get them to have a bash with one of their friends sticks and review which of them feels the best weight for them.

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